Batman XXX
Batman XXX
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“To the batcave Batman!”  And we ain’t talking about the one carved out of rock!  We are talking about the real carnivorous cum caves that Batman enters in the new film Batman XXX: A Porn Parody!  Growing up I knew that Batman should be rewarded for all the good work he was doing…. well, he is never off duty in this film!  Vintage Batman and boobs—who doesn’t love Batman?  Kaapow!!   The real Batman is back!  And harder than ever!  Batman XXX: A Porn Parody is a stellar film that parodies the 1960’s Batman television series, but with a pornographic twist!

I know, I know, who cares about plot when you have pussy and cock!  Despite this awesome rhyme switching up your porn routine can be a good thing. Anyway, we are going to give you the naked truth on Batman XXX!  This hardcore X-rated adventure is directed by Axel Braun, his love of the old television series shows in the film.  Using original costumes (hope they got the cum stains out!) and many of the features are true to form. 

Dale DaBone as Batman is keeping crime off the streets and on his cock!  “Holy Viagra Batman!”  Robin (the boy wonder) played by James Deen certainly aims to please in his performance!  This dynamic duo save the day and tag team Catwoman!  Raarrr!  Trying to keep that wild cat of the streets—beatin’ that pussy up!  Riddle me this Batman—tits and ass and a little sass are mine!  The Riddler played by Evan Stone keeps the audience guessing when he kidnaps Bruce Wayne’s fiancé.  Who knows how Batman can keep the Riddler’s cock away from that one! Commissioner Gordon and the City of Gotham need the help of Batman and Robin, but Batman ends up being drugged and kidnapped as well!  Have no fear—Batgirl and Robin to the rescue to solve the mystery.  I know, who really remembers Batgirl, look— it is another pussy to bend over, so shut up! But wait! Also behind this elaborate and evil scheme—Catwoman and The Joker!  The cast keeps on cumming!

We all know that Batman is the alternate ego of Bruce Wayne, the playboy that we all aspire to, the Hugh Hefner with a batmobile!  Your childhood fantasy has turned into an adult reality with this film! Fighting for good versus evil with the power of cock!  Batman XXX has it all!

If you are not familiar with the vintage television series of Batman, you should be!  And especially before you watch this awesome film.  If you are a connoisseur of pornography—than who cares!  If you are worried you might be disappointed, have no fear—cumshots, blowjobs, tag-teams, girl on girl, and multiple girls are ready for your viewing!  Get ready for a thriller in more ways than one!  See a classic porno for years to cum!  Don’t miss this film!  See it today!

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